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About Us

About Us

Mungenow Trips is a brain child of Mungenow Technologies Limited.

Our vision at Mungenow Technologies has always been to be at the forefront of the tech ecosystem in Africa by building technology products that meet the needs of the modern African man. Mungenow Trips is another stride towards this ambitious journey of ours.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a major holiday destination for most people around the world especially Africans. However, considering the fact that the UAE operates an electronic visa system with no clear-cut path for people who are outside of the UAE (Dubai) to apply for Dubai tourist visas, the entire process has been left in the hands of agents.

This has both fragmented an otherwise very simple and straight forward process and also opened up travelers to fraud by dishonest agents who sometimes charge up to twice the market rates or charge the normal rates and never deliver the visa on time.

Mungenow Trips has been setup primarily to become a destination of choice for electronic visa applications to destinations such as the UAE and other countries with an electronic visa system. Our goal is to provide a simple to use web interface where anyone can navigate the application process by filling up a few important personal details, upload the required documents and make payments using both local and international payment methods from the comfort of their computers and have their visa sent to them in record time.

Other features being added to mungenowtrips.com include:

  • Flight booking facilities using international and local payment methods (Mastercard, Visa, MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money);
  • All inclusive holiday packages to major destinations around the world.

As already mentioned above, Mungenow Trips is a Mungenow Technologies Limited brand just like:

  • Mungenow Properties (mungenowproperties.com) which is a digital property portal that simplifies the property search process and reduces the financial burden of settling into a new property by providing a pre-financing facility to cover annual rent and security deposits in advance;
  • Mungenow Classified (mungenowclassified.com) which is a free classified ad platform for individuals and small business to advertise both physical items and services to potential buyers/customers within their local communities.

We hope mungenowtrips.com has met your expectations, and now invite you to check the other platforms mentioned above. Do not hesitate to drop us a line or two at info@mungenowtrips.com for any suggestions, comments and/or complaints.

Try us and experience our world-class service for yourself.

Getting Your Visa Is Simple, Reliable, And Stress-Free With Mungenow Trips.


Why Choose Mungenow Trips?

MungenowTrips.com is dedicated to making it simple, fast, and reliable to get the travel documentation you need for your journey. Our online application process makes it a breeze to get the visa you need from the comfort of your own home.


Speed & Simplicity - Easy, traveler-friendly application process.


Security - State of the art methods for securing user accounts and information.


Awesome Customer Support - Our call centers are ready to help you 24/7.